Running — Episode 2 — Written by Raedan

“Let’s do as you’ve asked,” he said.

Something wasn’t right. I couldn’t simply believe that a man like him could play fair.

He cuffed me and gave me dog food to eat and pushed me into my cell and walked away.

I said, “Do you think you can keep me here forever? They’re looking for me and once they find me you’ll be put away for a very long time.”

I managed to find some sleep.

The next day he woke me up early and said, ”You’re going to be very surprised by our new guest.”

My heart began to race, I felt for some reason it had something to do with Amber. My worst nightmare came to pass. He had kidnapped my wife. “No please,” I fell on his feet and pleaded.

“GET OFF YOU FOOL,” He shouted.

I felt my whole world crashing. I then gathered all my strength. I stood and swung a crazy fast blow to his cheek so hard he collapsed. I hugged Amber.

She said, “I’m sorry. I should have said something.”

“No time to explain. Let’s go.”

We began to run for our freedom. We reached the main road. I saw posters of me everywhere then I broke the question, “Where are Martin and Maggie,” I stammered.

“They’re at Molly’s.”

I was delighted to hear they were with my sister in good hands but we were still in danger. We didn’t have any money or our cellphones.

We had to keep on walking. After an hour, we luckily met the head doctor of the hospital where I do therapy. He saw my awful condition and offered to give us a ride.

Amber accepted so they helped me get into the car.

Doctor William asked, “My word Castelle what in God’s name happened?”

I and Amber knew it wasn’t something to go around telling people so Amber told him I had a car accident.

He apologized and didn’t ask more questions. He dropped us at Molly’s place.

“Oh daddy,” rejoiced my little girl Maggie.

“Did you protect your little sister?” I asked Martin, my teenage son.

‘I’m glad your back dad,” said Martin.

I told them that I was in danger and we had to move away from England and go back to our house in L.A.

My children weren’t the disorderly complaining type. They knew everything I did, I did because I loved them.

They gave me a huge hug and Maggie said, “We’re glad you’re okay.”

We went to our home and packed everything. We bought new phones and I got our Visas.

I renewed my platinum credit card we got tickets and left for L.A. three days later. I had bigger plans. I was hoping to take my wife on a little vacation so we could be away from the kids and patch things up.

After the one day flight, we got to L.A. It looked different from when we left after I and Amber got engaged back in 1985.

It looked different. So different I thought we had booked the wrong flight. I looked forward to seeing our house and my Mercedes.

I hired an agent to catch my kidnapper.

I found out everything about him. His name, his residence… I knew it wouldn’t take long to get him.

The next day, I told my wife I got a job as an anger management therapist and she told me she got a job as an assistant manager at a sales company.

I was going to be earning 500,000 dollars a month and she would be earning 10,000 dollars a month.

It was an amazing fresh new start for all of us. Maggie got into Valerie Kindergarten and Martin got into Rich Way High so we were doing quite well.

I needed to talk to Amber so seven days later, we spoke.

“You know lately I’ve been thinking about what happened,” said Amber.

“Me too.”

“I want to apologize.”

“Before I accept your apology, tell me something, who is that guy?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Well, it all started after I dumped you at prom back in high school. It rained that night and I didn’t have a ride but I met Eric.

To be continued…



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